pencil Akshara International Public School is one of the best-equipped schools that one can imagine in a rural area in India with facilities that surpass the excellence of many schools set up in the urban areas of our country. The infrastructure has been suitably planned by Dr. T.N.Dhananjaya, Founder President of Akshara Educational and Development Trust to accommodate learning and an all round development of the child.

pencil The provides the best possible education to its students. In fact it is a dream school of Dr. T. N. Dhananjaya who feels that real education is when children love to play and grow with nature. They should cultivate skills that will help them to survive in this world of competition. Agrarian activities like rearing bovine cattle, planting paddy, climbing coconut trees and other agricultural activities ensure that the energies of all students are channelized by forces of nature towards a holistic development.

pencil The school also develop qualities like integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion to promote a spirit of enquiry, to foster a scientific temper within the bonds of humanism. students should become a meaningful part of the environment and an asset to the Society.

pencil Each year there is a huge demand for school admission because the school management encourages honesty and integrity. Apart from Academic Achievement stress is also laid for co-curricular Activities. The school campus is well-planned with modern amenities, well maintained and aesthetically pleasing. All classrooms are well ventilated and spacious. All the students have access to pure drinking water. There is a reverse osmosis water plant in the building.

Our Mission Statement


pencil Nature should be treated like a mother who shares her abundant love with her children who play around her. The real growth of a child takes place when he is free to play and grow with nature. The academic seeks to evolve as a centre of educational excellence that engenders leaders, thinkers, achievers and most importantly good human beings, each with the confidence to excel. The forces of nature need to be respect and channelized for the over all excellence of the child Akshara’s Heritage – A tradition to recognize the Excellence of nature

pencilThe seeds of excellence were sown by Dr. T.N. Dhananjaya, an eminent doctor and a philanthropist way back in the year 2012, when the school was established in a ram shackled structure almost a cowshed. Today with a 3 storied building structure, with a fleet of 17 buses and a student strength of more than 1300 students espouses the fact of being the most trusted public school brand in the region .

pencil It has come to be recognized by a renown examination body Unified Council Hyderabad for its commitment to excellence. Now the name Akshara has become synonymous with quality education. This phenomenal success of Akshara in Mandya District can be attributed to the vision and foresight of the pioneers, Dr T.N. Dhananjaya and the total involvement of the management; the contribution of Mr. Suresh Babu C.K an outstanding educator and an unmatched faculty. In addition, the centralized policies, decentralized administration, well designed instructional programmes and innovative school management systems have played a vital role in placing Akshara School on the forefront of the educational map of India.

Taking the tradition forward


pencil Akshara is the result of a unique association between the teachers and the Akshara Educational and Development Trust. The teachers are always at the forefront of providing value based quality education and the other with a mission to ‘help young minds grow’ has contributed to the popularity of Akshara.

pencil The most modern infrastructure, comprehensive facilities that are at par with the best in the region, an invigorating environment that facilitates learning and all-round development empowers every student in Akshara to excel in life. It gives them the confidence to be leaders, be it in academics, sports, extra-curricular activities or any other field that they may choose.

World Class Infrastructure & Facilities

pencil The school is affiliated to CBSE New Delhi, because it is today one of the best-equipped schools in India with more than 1300 students from more than 3 taluks. The school building is thoughtfully planned and built with a futuristic design to foster innovative & forward thinking amongst the students. A refreshing and modern approach to teaching using the latest Parent Child App and multimedia based teaching aids, coupled with spacious and well-ventilated classrooms with plenty of natural light make for a truly stimulating learning environment.

Our Beautiful Campus – Pristine location

pencil Akshara stands on an extensive 4-acre campus in the picturesque river Shimsha surrounded by lush green coconut trees all around. It is a beautiful pollution-free campus nestled in an oval-shaped at the confluence of River Shimsha and River Cauvery. There is a small village close to the school. The school campus is away from the hustle and bustle of crowded city life, and offers the perfect setting not only for physical well-being but also for a harmonious development of mind and spirit. The nearest railheads are at Maddur (31 Kms) and Nagamangala (20 Kms), the nearest railway station close-by is in Maddur and the nearest international airport is at Bengaluru which is just a 2 hour drive (200 Kms) away.

Akshara Summer/ Winter Temperature & Climate

pencil The average temperatures for summers and winters are 35°C and 18° C respectively, with rainfall concentrated over the summer months of June July, August and September.