pencil Dr. T.N.Dhananjaya, a successful doctor and an educationist believes that education should not be cumbersome to a child. It should be less of memorising and more of application. He has a few questions for the educationist of our country. Can a lesson be touched, tasted, smelt and seen, instead of just read? Can we mould empowered human beings, so that they can survive in this world?

pencil His charismatic personality has enabled him to weave a sense of togetherness, in his dream school. The word Akshara means permanent and what doesn’t perish with the passage of time. It embodies the spirit of collaboration and togetherness while allowing space for the individual to thrive..

pencil Dr Abdul Kalam is his hero and alter ego. So far he is religiously and relentlessly carrying forward the dynamic concept of PURA( Provide Urban Amenities in Rural Areas). He has been successful in reducing the migration of people to urban areas. The farmers look upon him as their Messiah and without hesitation seek his wellness advice and experienced guidance for educating their children. Due to this philanthropic approach pursued by him many students have been richly benefitted by enrolling themselves at Akshara, a school with a difference.


pencil Sri P. Eshwar is the backbone and accelerator of Akshara. He has experience in finance and administration in the education domain. He is popular among the students and teachers for being a role model for discipline and neutrality. He has made a notable contribution to the school environment & sustainable development of the institution.



pencil Smt.Deepa Dhananjaya is the enigmatic secretary and the passionate soul in the team that brought a revolution in the education space. She, Strongly believes in building a passionate team embedded with courage and dedication.



pencil Sri Suresh Babu C.K. M.Phil is the principal and also the creative head of academics. He has close to a decade of commendable experience in Teaching. Prior to joining Akshara he was the HOD for Mathematics in Chinmaya Vidyalaya. Mandya., Sri Suresh Babu C.K. is M.Sc., M.Ed.

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