Rules and Regulations of the School



pencil All the students and the staff members must be present at the school assembly.

pencil Students must come daily, neatly dressed in full school uniform, bringing the day’s necessary school books, diary, tiffin / lunch, etc. in a canvas or cloth bag. Habitual late-comers will be sent home or detained after school.

pencil At the second bell, all must gather for the assembly & remain silent till they reach their respective classes after the assembly.
All the students must be in full school uniform (dress, foot-wear, etc.) and House Uniforms as prescribed in the school diary. No exception to this on his/her birthday.

pencil A student who is not habitually clean or properly dressed in school uniform, will be sent home.

pencil Students must be present at the appropriate class or place at the appointed time.

pencil The school leaders and assistants, along with teachers will help to maintain discipline and order at all time in school.

pencil Students should not enter other class-rooms or remain in any class-room during games and recess to avoid theft or suspicion.

pencil All absence from school, even with prior permission, must be explained by the parent in the “leave record” page, found in the diary, before the student is admitted into the class. If the leave is for more than 3 days, besides, the note in the diary, a separate letter must be attached and sanctioned by the Principal.

pencil Repeated absence without leave for feasts, wedding etc. or unexplained absence for more than ten (10) consecutive days renders the students liable to have their name struck off the rolls. Re-admission, if granted, will be done on payment of re-admission charges.

pencil Once the students arrive at school, they should remain in school till the dismissal, unless the student is permitted to leave school by the school authorities. On all occasions, the Principal / Vice-Principal’s consent is necessary to leave the school.

pencil A student who is indisposed, should not come to school even if it means missing a test.

pencil No student is allowed, no matter what the reason is to attend one or two periods/tests and then go home. The one who does so, will be marked absent for the whole day.

pencil Each student is responsible for the safety of his/her belongings.

pencil Any damage done to the school’s or other’s property should be replaced by the one who has done it..

pencilNo jewellery or ornaments may be worn by students in school.

pencil Students are not allowed to bring objects that may cause even slight disturbance, concern, anxiety, suspicion etc.

pencil Besides, one’s own school text/library books, no other books should be brought to school without the knowledge of the school authorities.

pencil EAny change in your address as given on page-1 of this diary must be promptly notified to the Principal in writing.

pencil Unless a student has taken the TC from school, he/ she must always enter the school campus only in school uniform, even for attending an extra class or to meet/consult a teacher or for any other work.

pencilDuring school hours students may use the school phone only in case of EMERGENCY. Using the phone may be allowed only after getting permission from the Principal or Vice-Principal. Making phone calls to bring any forgotten articles is forbidden.

pencil No student is permitted to repeat the same class more than once.

pencilThe school is not responsible for the goods lost. Students are advised not to bring valuable articles to school. Books, bags, pencil boxes and tiffin carriers should be marked with the student’s name.


pencilSince students have a habit of studying just before an exam, the stress will now be on continuous assessment. Surprise tests and quizzes will be conducted. If a student misses any of these tests, no provision will be made for a retest.

pencil Students are forbidden to give their teachers individual or collective presents. Collection for any purpose requires the Principal’s sanction.
pencil No provision is made for supplementary test for those who remain absent from tests and other examinations. No provision for re-examination or promotion on trial is made for failed candidates.