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Akshara International Public School follows the Central Board of Secondary Education curriculum. The curriculum is robust, vibrant, and caters to holistic school education. The teaching faculty is striving relentlessly bro engender excellence in every sphere of academics.

Akshara Education and Rural Development Trust is committed to providing quality education. One can experience a learning process and environment. The outcome of learning empowers future citizens to become global leaders in the emerging knowledge society. The teaching methodology lays equal emphasis on educational, co-curricular and extracurricular initiatives is an attempt to hone the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and ethical development.

Kinder Garten

We place great emphasis on Kindergarten and Elementary Education believing that the foundation of life is laid in these formative years. The innovative child-centric approach helps us to understand and nurture the child’s capacity of concentration, memory, observation, reasoning, judgment and creativity. Yoga is an intrinsic part of the school system and enhances the physical and mental abilities of children. Holistic development is the main thrust of all activities and celebrations.

The system of “Periodic Assessment”, based on classwork, theme-based worksheets and observation sessions is followed. A biannual assessment report outlines the various aspects of the child’s development.

The Kindergarten comprises of Nursery, L.K.G and U.K.G. The school timing for the Kindergarten section is from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. The school follows a 5 day week schedule.

Primary & Secondary

The Curriculum is based on teamwork where the teachers are the facilitators for group discussions, projects as well as hands-on activities and experimentation. The Science and Mathematics labs cater to the development of a scientific temper. Emphasis is laid on ‘learning by doing’ rather than on rote-learning. Project-based learning, excursions and student exchange programs, aid better understanding of the subjects.

The Primary & Secondary section comprises of classes from Grade I to Grade X. The minimum age for entry into Class I is 5 yrs. 6 months as of 1st June of the year the child is seeking admission. The school timing for the Primary & Secondary section is from 9.30: am to 4:09 pm. The school follows a 6-day week schedule.

Evaluation & Assessment

The promotion will be granted on the basis of the entire year’s performance of the student based on the system set up by the CBSE Board.

Evaluation & Assessment

The promotion will be granted on the basis of the entire year’s performance of the student in the PA (Periodic Assessment) which is a system of evaluation of students that takes a holistic approach to a student’s development