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Founder's Message

'The purpose of education is to make good human beings with skill and expertise'.Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

Education is a debated subject all over the world, by the various stakeholders, educationists, education administrators, teachers, parents and all others concerned with education. Has anybody thought about the rural areas? There has been large scale migration to big cities in search of employment and good education.

The objective of the whole education system is to lay the foundation in the rural areas for future growth and adaptation to new situations.

Best skills can be found in our villages and we need to transform their lives. As a doctor, I was able to grasp a child’s nature. I feel that a school should be like a home which is a historic place of learning. I felt that by building a school in a remote place I would be able to cater to the social needs of the less privileged humanity. I have kept in mind the need for specialized learning in a school that is close to one's home. The need to go to a distant place should not arise.

The real tools and skills of learning are not only computers, visuals, telephone, televisions and programmed learning machines. Children need a human interface.

The young minds should develop by experiencing one’s day-to-day meeting with a peer group, adults and through many other media.

I always motivate my team of teachers to meet the changing attitudes and aspirations of youngsters. That requires the active involvement of parents, teachers and students. We should have a healthy group of students with positive thinking which will help them to become proactive Indian citizens in future.